library history

In 1937, the Thompson Study Club voted to start a public library as a Civic Improvement project.  From 1937 to 1945 the library was run by a Board of Representatives of Community groups that included Study Club, Legion Auxiliary, American Legion, Professional Men's Club, Band Mothers and the Town Council.  By January 1938, 250 books had been donated to the library . In 1945 the all organization library Board was disbanded and a board of 6 directors was formed.

The first library was located in the old town hall.  Study Club members took turns acting as librarians.  The Study Club continued to purchase books for the library.  Following the remodeling of the town hall in 1954, the library moved into a larger room.  During this time the library began receiving city and county funding that allowed them to purchase more books.  By 1983 these quarters were crowded and the library began applying for grants to allow them to move to a new facility.  With the help of a $20,000.00 Kinney-Lindstrom grant a portion of the new city building housing the fire station was finished off for library use.  Many volunteers from community service groups and individuals helped with finishing the space and landscaping.  The Hanson Family Foundation contributed money for equipment and furnishings.

Thompson Public Library has had 6 librarians.  The first, Dorothy Robinson served 12years.  Mrs. Robinson was followed by Ruth Peckham, Charlotte Thorland-Oulman, Patty Michaelson and Susan Shaw.  The current librarian is Fairy Florence

In 2003, the library received two computers from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for patron use.  In 2010 it was again evident that the library had out grown its space and the Board of Trustees began planning and raising money for a new library space.  With grants from a variety of sources and community support, funds were raised and the former Senior Center was purchased and remodeled into a library and meeting room space.  On April 28, 2013 the new library was dedicated.

The library provided books, periodicals, DVDs, audio books and access to materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan.  There are 2 desk top computers and 2 lap top computers available for patron use.  There are also 2 AWE children's literacy computers available for use.