Meeting Rooms

Thompson Public Library Meeting Room Use Policy

(Approved 11/12)

Approved & Retained Nov. 2016


Please read before filling out the application form.


The Board of Trustees of the Thompson Public Library recognizes that the library is a community gathering place. The Board believes that making the accommodations more fully available to the public is an additional service the library will provide.


DISCLAIMER.  The fact that an individual or group presents a meeting or program at the library does not mean that the library endorses that policy or belief. Use by any anti-government or racially non-inclusive group or organization is prohibited.


The library’s meeting room will be available for use by the general public when it is not needed for library sponsored and /or related activities.  The maximum capacity is 40 persons. Reservations are made on a first come basis and may be accepted up to 12 months in advance.


The library is a designated polling place and elections also take priority.


TABLES and CHAIRS. There are 6 round tables (5 feet-seats 8). There are padded chairs. The tables and chairs are to remain in the building at all times and are not available to be used outside of the meeting room.  Rectangular tables are also available for use and are to be set up and put away by the user.


REFRESHMENTS/FOOD.  Refreshments may be served in the meeting room.  A kitchenette is available with a stove, microwave, sink and refrigerator.  The kitchenette may be used for minor food preparation, but it is not designed for general food preparation. If the kitchenette is used, it must be cleaned and all garbage must be carried out and taken with you.

The library has a coffee maker for use by groups but does not provide coffee.


CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH GROUPS.  Children’s or youth groups using the meeting room are required to provide constant on-site supervision by an adult (person age 18 or older).


CONDUCT.  The library’s “Patron Responsibilities and Conduct Policy” also applies to use of the meeting room. Noise and conduct is expected to be kept to a level that will not disrupt either meeting room use or patrons in the library. Individuals attending meetings are responsible for the supervision of their children.


ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES.  No alcohol or controlled substances may be possessed or consumed on the premises.  The library is a smoke free building.  Smoking (e-cigarettes and tobacco) is not permitted in any area of the building.

STORAGE.  The library cannot offer storage for groups using the meeting room.


SIGNAGE.  Materials may not be fastened to the walls. All displays and decorations must be free standing.  No decorations that would constitute a fire hazard are allowed. No lit candles or open flames are allowed.


RESPONSIBILITIES OF MEETING ROOM USERS. The registrant is liable for any damage to the property and for leaving the facility clean.  Any expenses incurred by the library to clean up after an event will be charged back to the user.  The meeting room, restrooms, hallway, entryway must be left clean.

 Clean up includes:

A.  Tables and countertops wiped down.

B.  Chairs brushed for crumbs if food is served.

C.  Carpet swept and kitchenette floor cleaned.

D.  Trash carried out (taken with you).

E.  Restrooms, entryway and hallway are clean and orderly.

F.  Tables and chairs must be returned to original position at conclusion of                              event.


All items brought into the meeting room for the event must be removed from the building upon conclusion of event. This includes decorations, food, clothing, and any other items not belonging to the library.


Any damage to library materials or property will be assessed to the using group.  The person signing the reservation form is responsible for any costs or problems resulting from the specified use.


LIABILITY.  The library provides no insurance for meeting room users. The Thompson Public Library, its Board of Trustees, or the City of Thompson are not responsible for accidents, injury, loss or damage to the private property of individuals or organizations using the facility.  Individuals or organizations meeting in the library’s meeting room must agree to indemnify and hold the Thompson Public Library and the City of Thompson harmless from any and all liability, claims, actions, causes of action and or damages, which may arise, or allegedly arise during the use of library facilities.  This shall include obligation to defend the Thompson Public Library and the City of Thompson and to be responsible for any legal fees incurred and pay any judgments entered.  


The following shall be the schedule of charges for the use of the Meeting Room at the Thompson Public Library:

            1.         $50.00 refundable key/damage deposit from all individuals/groups

            2.         Rental Fees:               

                        a)         Community Groups and Private Individuals: $25 per day

                        b)         Businesses, For Profit Groups and Government Agencies: $50 per day

                                    (Includes “at home” promotions like Pampered Chef)

                        c)         Non-profit groups, regular, monthly or routine meeting: $50 annual fee